Photo by David Bergin or Flickr.

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The obituary to Top Gear, or at least of the Clarkson, May and Hammond series has been delivered innumerable times since its unfortunate end in 2015, and all pay fitting tribute to the show which has until recently been a staple of modern British culture.

This article will not attempt to do that which has already been accomplished but will instead offer an obituary to something far more worrying, the death of ‘Top Gear Britain’.

Top Gear Britain is the perfect representation of the attitudes and ideas which until even the last few years have dominated the popular culture and political scene of the United Kingdom. A useful term to understand the changes in our country in recent years, Top Gear Britain is a nation not yet plagued by the political correctness and resulting incorrect politics of today, but rather illuminates a deep sense of British identity through its humour.

On the contrary, today’s politics and culture have become polarised beyond recognition, with increasingly more people viewing themselves as ‘ Leavers ’ or ‘ Remainers ’ rather than friends and family, and the entertainment scene dulled by the strangle-hold of full-time PC ideologues.


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