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Professor Sir Roger Scruton is the preeminent public intellectual and philosopher of Great Britain today – appreciated most, ironically, outside of his own country, most notably for his intellectual activism behind the Iron Curtain in the Cold War.

Late last year, Professor Scruton was appointed to the posit-ion of Chair of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission in November, and came quickly under fire for his philosophical writings and speeches. None, significantly enough, on architecture.

Scruton’s sacking is the clearest expression of the true culture war: that of what is true, against what is ‘correct ‘. As Scruton remarked in this (now infamous) article, ‘anybody who doesn’t think that there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts’, and facts they are: George Soros has funded and grown a web of activists and networks in the country, from universities to NGOs; some of whom are Jewish.

What Scruton was not saying, was that this empire has any specific Jewishness attached to it: in fact, Scruton was making a plea both to the Jews and to the Hungarian nationalists to rescind tribalism and find a common identity in the first-person plural of the modern nation that he has so eloquently defended for all his career.

Never mind the facts that Scruton has met with Viktor Orban to lobby against his closure of Soros’ university, he must be anti-Semitic for having met with Orban at all.


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