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May 8TH, 1945. VE day.

Britain has been at war with multiple fascist states for 6 years, fighting for its freedoms and traditions. Making sure its future generations will be raised in an environment in which their state isn’t governed by a power from across the British Channel, in which their parliament is sovereign and is democratic. Where Britain is still British.

March 29th, 2019. What should have been our exit day. Britain has been in a political struggle with a domineering, bureaucratic international organisation, fighting for its political freedoms and traditions. The day in which Britain was meant to no longer be bound to the rules of a power across the British Channel, in which its parliament was meant to be fully sovereign and democratic once again. When Britain was going to be British, and not European.

But what am I doing here? Comparing Brexit with World War 2? Perhaps comparing the EU with Nazi Germany? I would surely be insane to make such an irrational and incoherent allegation against a political organisation. Well according to Labour MP David Lammy it’s completely fine to make comparisons between Brexiteers and Nazis. For a long time, it has become more and more apparent to me that for anyone to have a right-wing, traditionalist view which is more than 2 points from the political compass centre, they should be considered fascist. Then it should be remembered that it has been British right-wing traditionalists who have fought the fascists; it should be remembered that eight decades ago, to defend your country from foreign invasion, from foreign interest wasn’t fascist, it was protecting our freedom.

IF it hadn’t been for those right-wing traditionalists that so many current British left wingers look back on with a shameful look those very same British left wingers would neither be British nor left wing. We would all wear the same uniform, say the same words, think the same thoughts and live in the same squalor.


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Photo by Kaye on Flickr.