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One core underlining reason, in my view, for the death of conservatism in Britain is that the rules of political debate have thus far been adjudicated by those with an agenda that is far from ‘neutral’.

In each television debate, the truth becomes clearer with each passing minute. Conservatives had been invited to play chess, and upon arriving found a Monopoly board, with all the properties already owned. For this, the Establishment deserves the blame, as well as for the marginalisation of true conservative ideas in British culture.

Compare the news services of the United Kingdom to those of the United States and the difference is clear to observe. On the one hand, neutral coverage of the news, with the characteristically British understated delivery, and on the other an emotive, biased news service with its own political views and ideas.

The former example may be how it appears on the surface in the UK, when in reality much of this finds its existence entirely within the realms of fantasy. Some choose to look down on US television stations such as Fox and CNN, known for their biased coverage, when compared to the supposed neutrality of the British system. Anyone who has watched, say, Channel 4’s coverage of the news or the BBC’s hosting of political debates would know that British news is far from impartial. We know this of course yet do nothing.

Failure to enforce television and radio impartiality has left us with a predicament: how can we solve the problem?

For some time, the answer seemed simple: enforce the law. I now take a different view. Remove the restrictions for television and radio networks that prevent them from openly holding political opinions, while maintaining the requirements of accurate reporting that reflects the facts.

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