With the recent, horrifying mass shootings in the United States of America, the debate over gun control has once again fired up. Almost seeing it as a positive opportunity, to lobby against guns, many in mass media, exclaim the need to curb the right to bear arms. New Zealand is often applauded now for its recent buyback scheme where more than ten thousand firearms have been surrendered.

Anyone with an open mind should take a step back from the call for arms to be surrendered and analyse the situation for what it is. Guns have been prevalent in US society since its creation. It is only in recent decades that mass shootings have become common. To a logical mind, guns cannot – therefore – be the decisive factor that now causes mass shootings. Instead, deeper examination is needed – why are evil people now springing up and shooting many innocents?

This is the question that must be answered. Of course, like with many issues, there is no single answer. However, one can draw on a number of potential causes. For me, the widespread use of cannabis, as Michael Curzon has written about recently, and of other drugs is shattering the sane minds of otherwise normal people.

If one seriously saw himself as a white supremacist, for example, then why logically would they want to spray bullets at many innocent people in order to achieve ‘white supremacist’ aims? This would not entice others into the campaign. It cannot be claimed that these people are simply politically motivated. Rationality is clearly not a factor in their thinking. This goes for many of the terrorist acts seen in Europe also, conducted – for example – by some who apparently fight for Islam.

Furthermore, the removal of guns clearly shows a level of distrust from the state towards the citizens of the nation. Implicitly, this means the state thinks that the normal citizen is not of personal responsibility, and is a danger to all unless all of the potential tools of hate, injury and murder are taken away from him or her. It is only when this occurs, and when the right level of welfare, housing, consumer goods etc. (which are somehow never reached) are given to citizens that the state will deem the country to be safe and secure. This is not right.

Instead we must look at ourselves as individuals in a community, with the state there to be subservient to us and not the other way round. We should question the direction many nations in the West, including the USA and the UK, have taken in the past century that have affected us all so badly. Be it the culture of the abdication of personal responsibility, widespread drug abuse, the dismantling of Christianity or the evisceration of any institute of authority. Simply taking guns away is not the solution, nor a step to it, for stopping these evil shootings.

Photo by Gary on Flickr.