As we have commented on before in this publication, the citizens of Hong Kong are in dire straights: facing oppression from the Chinese government, keen to erode their liberties and sovereignty, the Hong Kong citizens are fast running out of options. Some of the more belligerent commentators have remarked that Britain ought to intervene to protect their historic cousins in a military fashion – an idea quickly dismissed when one considers the state of our military.

But one thing we can do is intervene diplomatically. In the past, Britain has been keen to open her arms to those with whom we share an historic association, via Commonwealth or Empire, in recognition of the struggles we have been through together. This association has been key to Britain’s recovery after the Second World War, and we should recognise the contribution our Commonwealth cousins made to this great nation.

Britain’s best course of action in this crisis is, therefore, to offer British citizenship to the citizens of Hong Kong. It is the very least we can do; please sign this petition to put pressure on Parliament to welcome our cousins home.