I am a regular user of our train service. For the most part, I enjoy my short commute to-and-from work. The journey, for me, is an opportunity to read (when, that is, the endless thumping of ‘music’ from earphones doesn’t send me into a silent rage!).

Delays, cancellations and overcrowding, however, often lead to this otherwise enjoyable experience being wholly insufferable. If the service was reliable, I (and thousands of others across the country) would feel comfortable leaving for work with just more than enough time to spare. It is not. As a result, a half-hour journey becomes an hour and a half, for fear of being late. Add to this the fact the possibility of sitting down whilst traveling seems increasingly rare, and it is easy to see why so many regular train passengers get so vexed.

Regardless of all this, fares are soon to rise by 2.8 per cent. The overall cost of train travel has increased by 46 per cent since 2009. Wages, in the same period, have risen by only 23 per cent. It is becoming more and more difficult for many to continue using this (second-rate) service.

We have asked readers of Bournbrook whether the service provided by rail companies justifies this increase.

I think I can predict the end result.

Photo by Andrew on Flickr.