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It was a great surprise to me when I read a fortnight ago that the Carry On film franchise, undeniably an institution of British filmmaking, is to make a twenty-first century comeback.

According to, film producer Brian Baker (72) has, with a handsome sum, bought the rights to the franchise, and his intention is to make three new films with the proceeds from the sale of new Carry On merchandise. Baker also went on to say that the new films would be a homage to the slapstick comedy of the old series but with the inevitable need of today for ‘political correctness’.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your tastes), the mention of the two words, Carry On, conjures up images of buxom women, gawping dirty old men (cue Sid James’s wizened face), the customary jokes in bad taste, and, who could forget, actor Kenneth Williams hamming it up with that immortal line, ‘Oooh, Matron…’

However, a fellow film writer pointed out to me that while indeed the late 1960s/1970s wave of Carry On films did indulge in that kind of smut, the very first Carry On films of the late 1950s were comparably innocent slapstick fare.

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