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Despite my aforementioned pessimism, I have been heartened over the last year to witness what appears to be a growing interest in the social conservative cause. When I started university two years ago, arguments made by myself and (less than) a handful of others in support of institutions – such as the family – and against rapid change were largely ridiculed. A few heads nodded, but no words came out of their owners’ mouths (not, at least, until after the debates had ended, when many would praise those arguing the above for uttering that which they did not dare utter).

I noticed a shift against this setting at the beginning of my second year. To put it simply, there were more of us. Laughter (more-than-not friendly, I must point out – though laughter nonetheless) was no longer the only response to social conservative statements. Some actually clapped. And their approval led those who had previously thought it best to remain silent to be more open about their own beliefs, also.

Others have noticed this at my own university, too; not just myself. Indeed, the very creation (and subsequent success) of this magazine is testament to the increasing interest in social conservative thought.

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