How much do we really know about animal welfare? How can the gaps in our knowledge of this subject – once realised – be filled?

These questions are the basis of a survey (see below), the answers of which will inform the findings of a new dissertation currently being written by myself, a veterinary student from the University of Nottingham.

The main aim of this research is to be able to understand what the public needs better education on regarding animal welfare. By identifying what the public does know, the study will deduce what it does not know about.

Once this is identified, a greater awareness can be achieved and, consequently, the standards of animal welfare across the lesser known areas can be increased.

Anyone is able to complete the survey, which takes only around ten minutes. The more people the better! (All participants are also entered into a draw for a £50 Amazon voucher, so there are no reasons not to take part!)

Survey link:

(This ends on 28 October 2019).