Social conservatism in the news

The Tory Party had refused the Brexit Party’s offer of a pact, potentially splitting the Leave vote in many constituencies. Just to focus on leaving the EU, and to ignore the rest of these parties’ policies, may serve to do some damage in getting a clear secession from the EU. The tribal politics, particularly on show in many areas in the north where voting Tory is never a realistic option, could have handed the Brexit Party a helping hand in contesting Labour strongholds – where the all-important ‘Workington Man’ is. More information available HERE.

Kanye West has seemingly had an epiphany. From the days of sexualised rap, profanity and extreme levels of vanity, Kanye now promotes celibacy and devotion to God. From Yeezus to Jesus, does this mark a turning point in mainstream social conservatism? Read Deputy Editor Ewan Gillings’ article on Kanye vs Black Groupthink from February HERE.

UKIP leader Richard Braine resigned as the leader, meaning that the party has now had eight leaders who have left since Nigel Farage resigned back in 2016. See our Tweet HERE.

Watering hole

Unfortunately, the watering hole dried up earlier this week, as our website temporarily went down. However, we managed to restore the flow of articles, and have published an article from Deputy Editor Ewan Gillings on the Keith Vaz scandal, and the pitiful state of modern-day MPs. Available HERE.

Social conservatism in commentary

Spectator associate editor Rod Liddle cracked a joke about the election, in his typical style, by providing absurd alternatives. Unfortunate for Liddle, he had bought Muslims into the joke. Cue the woke thought police (more on them in our Sixth Print Issue Editorial…) In the ensuing carnage, Fraser Nelson came to Liddle’s defence, but this has not stopped the mass media from chastising Mr. Liddle and taking his remarks far out of context. Original article available HERE, and the follow-up response from Rod Liddle available HERE.

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens provided his idea for how to commemorate the dead from the Great War. In his unique manner, Hitchens provokes thought throughout. This was written for a new magazine, The Critic, which aims ‘to push back against a self-regarding and dangerous consensus’. Available HERE.

Quote of the week

‘They say the week start on Monday, but the strong start on Sunday.’

Selah, Jesus is King (2019). Listen HERE.