Social conservatism in the News

Regarding HS2, it was reported by The Times that ministers had known more than three years ago that HS2 could go over budget by £1 billion. Compared to the fact that it is already £33 billion over budget, and will be ready many more years later than originally estimated, it seems rather trivial. See our Tweet on the subject HERE.


Watering Hole

Our columnist Luke Perry had written a detailed article on Operation Torch, the seventy-seventh anniversary of which took place on 8th November. In his article, Luke puts forward the idea that this event may have been decisive in making D-Day a success for the Allies, and discusses what it meant for the outcome of the war. Available HERE.


Social conservatism commentary

The Spectator published an article, which was featured on its cover, arguing that amnesty should be given to many illegal immigrants – something that the Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has in the past supported. What is most interesting from this article is that it is made clear that many Brexit voters wish for a much tougher stance on immigration, yet the article still makes the case to largely ignore these voters. With the liberal Johnson at the forefront of Brexit, it is probable that a relaxed stance on immigration will be maintained. How this will fare with much of the electorate will be something to watch out for. Available HERE.

Peter Hitchens once again made the case to not vote on 12th December, arguing that any votes for the parties we currently have simply gives them permission to carry on ignoring us all. This is an interesting argument, yet will inevitably be ignored whilst Brexit clouds the minds of the electorate. Available HERE.

Sir Roger Scruton, in his latest newsletter, makes the fascinating point about the discounting of portions of society. Comparing this to what happened in the old communist regimes of Europe, Sir Roger provides yet more delightful reading. Available HERE.


Quote of the week

‘In the new order of things, it is the political class that will appoint the electorate, not the electorate that appoints its political leaders.’

– Sir Roger Scruton (from his newsletter, mentioned above.)