Social Conservatism in the News

Last week, Nigel Farage promised to not field Brexit Party candidates in seats with an incumbent Tory MP – Prime Minister Johnson had previously refused to do a pact with the Brexit Party. Will Farage et al step-up the attacks on Labour seats that they will be contesting? This certainly seems to be the plan. With Labour’s recent confusing and contradictory remarks on immigration – in particular the continuation of freedom of movement – maybe the Brexit Party would do well to contest against mass immigration to win back the traditional Labour voters. More information available HERE.

Spain’s recent general election has, perhaps most interestingly, resulted in Vox gaining a larger vote and more seats. The party is seen as populist and right-wing, and its success is yet another example of the march of populism that continues around Europe. For a party only formed in 2013, it seems to be doing well. Its policies range from attacking feminism, criticising multiculturalism and having a neoliberal economic outlook – is this the future of the ‘right’? More information available HERE.

Watering Hole

Ruby Sampson had written an article on why subjects seen as part of the Arts need more funding in this country’s education system, highlighting that not everyone needs to be mathematician or scientist. Available HERE.

We took aim at Johnny Mercer on Twitter earlier this week, over his bizarre series of tweets where he seemed to disparage the idea that the personal attributes of the Prime Minister were of any importance – not a surprising position to take when the man you are trying to defend won’t declare how many children, and seems to have developed a penchant for affairs. Our Tweet is available HERE.

We also released our Sixth Print Issue, with its cover article ‘The Age of Woke’ – a particularly fitting critique given the times that we are living in. More information on the Sixth Issue, including its content, is available HERE.

Social Conservatism Commentary

Writing for the new magazine The Critic, David Starkey has, in his usual witty and intelligent way, written an article criticising the idea of the Separation of Powers. From examining its history to applying it to modern-day, the Supreme Court and John Bercow are targeted. Starkey provides a strong case for getting rid of this idea. Available HERE.

Quote of the Week

‘Like most bad ideas, it comes from France.’

– David Starkey, article on the Separation of Powers in The Critic. Available HERE.