Social conservatism in the news

The Labour Party launched its Race and Faith Manifesto, which contains a plethora of policies setting a dangerous precedent for future race relations. Expect an article on this topic by Deputy Editor Ewan Gillings in the near future… The document is available HERE.

Whilst both main parties have pledged to build hundreds of thousands of homes, the Labour Party have also promised to plant an extraordinary two-billion trees if they attain government (almost 200 a minute, every minute, around the clock, for twenty years.) More information available HERE. Is this not contradictory? Whilst it is all well and good to help the environment by planting trees, their housing policy would destroy the landscape that remains of this nation’s countryside. As the population continues to grow at extraordinary rates – large-scale immigration being a prominent reason – this country shall be continued to be tarmacked over. As long as it helps the GDP though…


Watering Hole

One of Bournbrook Magazine’s columnists, William Parker, makes the case on why to vote Tory in the upcoming election- from the perspective of getting Brexit over and done with through Prime Minister Johnson’s deal. Available HERE.

Another one of our columnists, Luke Perry, wrote an article on one of Alfred Hitchcock’s seemingly lesser-known films, Rebecca. In explaining Hitchcock’s masterful techniques, Luke shows that the modern inventions of CGI and fancy cameras are not always needed to make a great film. Available HERE.


Social conservatism commentary

Writing for The Spectator, Douglas Murray reported on his recent appearance on Politics Live – specifically mentioning his encounter with the ‘Corbynista’ Holly Rigby. Following on from their encounter, it seems Holly Rigby got a taste of her own medicine. Available HERE.

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens had written about the alleged chemical attacks in Syria, showing the utterly fascinating reasoning to cast doubt on the whole event. Tucker Carlson had also spoken about the recent development on the alleged attacks. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that not many people, especially in the media, seem to be talking about it. Available HERE.


Quote of the week

‘As for ‘transphobia’ – this is just the accusation made against anyone who won’t automatically nod through medical experimentation on children. So while I’m not happy about it, I’m content to roll with it for now.’

– Douglas Murray, The Spectator, available HERE.