Social conservatism in the news

Sir Roger Scruton had recently received a prestigious honour in Hungary, conferred on behalf of the President there, from the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This was awarded for Sir Roger’s great help against communism and tyranny across Europe decades ago. Bournbrook Magazine wishes all the best for Sir Roger with his current health problems, and hope that this honour was a welcome break in his current period of recovery. More information available HERE.

The BBC presenter Nick Robinson must be commended for his hosting of Friday’s television debate between Prime Minister Johnson and Mr Corbyn. Whilst much of the sameness was said by both sides of the debate, Robinson had made sure each party leader had time to develop their points – something very welcome in this era of sound-bites.

Page forty-eight of the Conservative Party’s manifesto rightly describes the need for judicial review in the protection of the individual against an overbearing state. However, the Tories have done nothing in the past nine years to revert the great damages done to juries in the past decades – such as the need only for a majority rather than unanimity when coming to decisions. Therefore, it would seem these words are rather empty. Conservative Party Manifesto available HERE.

Watering Hole

We released our Christmas Special IssueThe Communion Manifesto, this week. We are offering this issue for FREE to any new subscribers who sign up to our Patreon before the 10th December. More information available HERE.

Bournbrook Magazine’s editor, Michael Curzon, has recently written an article on a recent performance at the University of Birmingham – linking it to the great problems the musical field faces in both the education system and in modern familial life. Available HERE.

Social conservatism commentary

Writing for Unherd, Peter Hitchens writes a uniquely interesting article on the issue of free speech. Rudyard Kipling’s hypothesis of class divisions being based on the bitterness between Normans and Saxons is drawn upon, showing a potential explanation for the two opposing sides of the free speech debate. Available HERE.

Douglas Murray, writing for the Daily Mail, described his encounter with Anjem Choudary, an Islamist recruiter, that had happened some years ago. Murray writes of the people who surrounded Choudary when they met each other in the street. One-by-one, Murray writes on the people he recalls seeing there (with pictures provided), who have since been linked to terrorism or had actually committed the atrocious acts that have happened and continue to happen. These men have encountered our supposed criminal justice system, and have seen how weak it is. Murray does well in highlighting an important issue of our time. Available HERE.

Quote of the week

And then there is Usman Khan himself. In 2008, an address he was raided by anti-terrorist police. Khan’s performance was straight out of the Islamist playbook. ‘I ain’t no terrorist,’ he told the media.

Khan blamed the police. He blamed the British media. Yet five years later he finally went to jail for terrorism and was due to serve at least half of a 16-year term in prison. Typically, he was released after a third of that time.

And last Friday he used his freedom to murder two young British people at the outset of their lives.’

– Douglas Murray, Daily Mail. Available HERE.