Social conservatism in the news

BBC News has published a recent article on ’10 reasons why we’re not a divided nation’, a seemingly nice read to take a break from the prevalent doom and gloom in modern society. However, the ‘reasons’ they provided turned out to be more of a rejoicing of the fact that liberal opinion is becoming more like the only and only opinion of Britain. Why does unity in a nation need to be based on everyone having the same opinion? It would be much better for everyone to have a mixture of opinions, which will always be the case in a free society, yet still be able to have a drink with each other after a long day. Available HERE.

Whilst we may constantly complain about the state of our nation, and its future prospects, it is worth keeping in mind the current persecutions of Muslims in China. More than a million have now been detained- the result of an authoritarian government that will tolerate no rival ideas, principle nor morals that threaten its ideology. Their persecution does not only occur in the camps. Throughout daily life it is hard to go by without encountering the state checking up on these people. Writing for The Spectator, Harald Maass writes of the terror in important detail. Available HERE.


Watering Hole

Benjamin Roberts, in his first article for Bournbrook Magazine, has written about legislating a porn ban in the US. Through arguing that completely anti-state sentiments are not always correct, Roberts calls in to question some of mainstream conservatism’s views. Available HERE.

Deputy Editor Ewan Gillings has attacked the idea that either of the two main parties, especially the Conservative Party, deserve our votes. Why should our vote be owed to them, after years of broken promises? Available HERE.

Our Views on the Left Editor Peter Tutykin provided us with his predictions for the election, including where he thought the likely battleground would be, and who would come out on top. Available HERE.

Bournbrook Magazine’s Editor Michael Curzon made the case, not only to not vote for the Tories, but to not vote at all. Michael highlights some of the great issues that have faced the nation in the past decades, and shows how all the parties of today refuse to face these issues in any proper manner. Available HERE.


Social conservatism commentary

The ever-witty David Starkey has recently given a lecture for the New Culture Forum, explaining much of the history of parliament and party politics in the nineteenth century. Drawing on the ideas of Benjamin Disraeli, Starkey shows fascinating parallels with contemporary politics. Available HERE.


Quote of the week

‘The doctrine of maximum autonomy has not led the wild horse of culture to greener pastures. Instead, it has led us into Babylonian cyber-brothels, and a grindingly obscene day-to-day.’

– Benjamin Roberts, The Question of Power: Why We Should Legislate on Pornography. Available HERE.