Social Conservatism in the News
Allegedly being a right-wing win for the UK, the Tory majority will do nothing to deliver the Brexit that the electorate had voted for. The debate shall be twisted from one of values to one of price; all about globalist economics, and nothing to do with reverting some of the devastating changes done to this country in the past decades.

We also saw Boris Johnson finally manage to pass the Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament. This may be the first step towards Brexit, but it is unlikely to stop the flood of sentiment that enforced the vote. The real underpinnings of the Brexit vote – a sense of alienation with Westminster, a lack of satisfaction with the status quo, and a scepticism of immigration and multiculturalism – will never be fully addressed by a ‘One Nation’ Conservative government.

Watering Hole
Bournbrook Magazine’s columnist Luke Perry deconstructs Judith Thomson’s famous violinist analogy that defends abortion. In his piece, he examines the issues with the analogy, as well as the nature of the pro-abortion arguments in general. Available HERE.

Social Conservatism Commentary
Sir Roger Scruton, writing for The Spectator, describes how 2019 unfolded for him month-by-month, showing that even in his old age he is a man to aspire to be. From a relatively normal start to the year, Sir Roger documents his ordeal with the New Statesman, and his subsequent cancer diagnoses. A sobering read, but a worthwhile one nonetheless. Available HERE.

Peter Hitchens, writing for the Catholic Herald, gets his readers into a festive spirit by writing of his travels around the Holy Land and compares it to the journey of the three wise men.  Available HERE.

Quote of the Week
‘Coming close to death you begin to know what life means, and what it means is gratitude.’
– Sir Roger, The Spectator. Available HERE.