Last Orders returns after its Christmas break! This week’s topics include homicide, Iran, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, our Seventh Print Issue, Peter Hitchens, and Parliamentary Church attendance…


Social Conservatism in the News
BBC News published an article proclaiming that homicide rates have fallen for the first time in five years across the UK – all would seem well, and everyone can give themselves a pat on the back. However, if one is to actually look at reality, the only reason why homicide rates are not ludicrously higher than they currently are – especially when compared with rates from around sixty years ago – is because of advances in medical technology and the expertise of paramedics. Take a look at the statistics on the increase in attempted murder cases and woundings that have occurred. Even if this isn’t taken into account, homicide rates are still much higher today than decades gone by. Though, of course, BBC News had mentioned the increased level of funding that police forces had received as if this is ‘the solution to crime’. Only in modern Britain would this count as journalism. Available HERE.

Whilst this may be the end in escalation between the USA and Iran for now, the assassination of Soleimani was an unnecessary attack on Iran. We can all agree that the regime in Iran and figures like Soleimani are despicable; however, in global politics, one must bite the bullet at times. Why are so many Republicans in favour of attacking Iran, as if Iraq has been completely forgotten about? Those on the ‘right’ of politics seem to have quickly forgotten the Middle Eastern conflicts of the 2000s already.


Watering Hole                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Comment Editor Taylor A. Francis wrote this week on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shocking announcement that they planned to withdraw from Royal life, with the aim of becomming financially self-sufficient, and splitting their time between North America and the UK. Quite why they did not feel the need to discuss this with any member of the Royal family, not even the Queen herself, is not clear. What is evident, however, is the rift that this has created between the couple and the rest of the family. Taylor examines what this decision could mean for the future role of the couple, and how the rest of the Royal family can hope to weather the storm in the face of the recent Prince Andrew scandal. Available HERE.

Our Seventh Print Issue has been sent off to print, and will be available for purchase from January 15th. More information about its contents, as well as how to purchase a copy, will be released in the next few days!


Social Conservatism Commentary
Peter Hitchens had published his letter that Private Eye had refused to publish. In it, Hitchens lambasts the magazine as ‘the conventional wisdom police’ for attacking his tweet where he called the Blair and Brown governments ‘Marxist’. Extending the attack to the Tories, Hitchens, in typical fashion, passionately defends his position. Available HERE.

Nial Gooch, writing for UnHerd, suggests that our MPs should all be made to go to church regularly; perhaps not a controversial thought a hundred years ago, but now an idea that places him firmly outside of the norm. Gooch emphasises the need for humility and how the church can heal peoples’ political divides. Available HERE.

Quote of the Week
‘Power does funny things to people, and it is no bad thing to have some humility thrust upon you.’
– Nial Gooch, UnHerd. Available HERE.