YouTube has recently censored – by way of deleting – an interview with the impressive Professor Karol Sikora by UnHeard’s Editor, Freddie Sayers. (Thankfully, you can still watch this on UnHeard’s website, here.)

Whilst this interview is now not available on YouTube, another is – with Professor Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford.

Professor Gupta offers some interesting insight into the level of damage the coronavirus may be capable of inflicting, and states her own belief as being that;

‘While the jury is still out, I would say that it’s more likely that the pathogen arrived earlier than we think it did, and that it had already substantially spread through the population by the time lockdown was put in place’.

This raises significant questions as to whether the “lockdown” should have been introduced in the first place.

You can, and should, watch the full interview here – whilst you still can!

Photo by U.S. Department of State – available HERE.