In a PR nightmare which could only have been devised by an evil genius, Dominic Cummings has been sensationally ratted out for having “broken” the lockdown rules he helped create after he travelled to County Durham to be with his parents whilst suffering from coronavirus.

Fortunately, anyone with a modicum of common sense can see what he did was in the interests of his wife and child’s health during a pandemic.

Although I wasn’t hospitalised by coronavirus in late March, I did have a pretty rough time of it and I’m exceptionally lucky I’ve got no dependents in my life just yet. I did, however, have a horrific fever for three days and couldn’t leave my bed for two of them (I was also on the phone to 101 for 4 hours to no avail, but that’s another story). But what I can tell you is that this virus is nasty and in no way could I have looked after my wife or child had I been in that situation.

So let’s imagine you start showing symptoms of the deadly virus and it knocks you for six. Your wife starts to show similar symptoms and she’s out for the count too. Meanwhile, you’ve got a child at home sat on the floor watching a masked superhero on TV. Well, Cummings’ immediate actions were tantamount to just that: get to the Guardians of Gainford.

Dominic Cummings did what any good family man would do, and put the needs of his family first. What exactly is not “essential” about travelling from London to County Durham, for childcare purposes and to self-isolate in an environment where both he and his wife could receive support if they needed it?

This isn’t a case of a man who broke lockdown rules to see his bit on the side while lecture the public using his dodgy data, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Cummings is an unassuming family man who saw what the virus could do and so took prompt action to ensure he had childcare provided and support should he and his wife have a real time of it.

It boggles the mind that the screaming harpies on the Left don’t seem to think that protecting your family and requiring the assistance of your parents for your health, your wife’s health and the welfare of your child does not count as essential travel. That’s right, even the great Dick Dastardly of Downing Street requires assistance from his parents. Shock horror.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that key workers were to be allowed to travel to and from work. And you’d think that a man whose job is at the centre of government during the worst pandemic of 100 years would count as essential in travelling back to Westminster.

The media continues to look for that “gotcha” moment hoping the pillars of government fall for no other reason than clickbait and airtime. But I’m afraid the headline “Man goes to parents’ home to self-isolate with family” will hardly see the papers fly off the shelves.

As one of the architects behind the lockdown, Cummings not only knew the rules because he invented them, but he closely adhered to them in that he self-isolated immediately when he knew he had coronavirus.

Cummings’ only crime is that he didn’t wear a superhero mask for his heroic efforts in saving his family.

**In an act of solidarity with Cummings I encourage you all to change your profile pictures on social media to PJ Masks in the same futile way the nose-dribbling, bedwetters do after a traumatic event.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash.