Dominic Cummings’s statement was unprecedented; it was designed to restore faith in the Government, with millions tuning in, and yet for the most part the public will now be left with more questions than were answered. His story is flimsy at best and raises serious questions as to his integrity.

Why is a man who has built his career fighting against the “Establishment” now desperately fighting to keep his job in that very system? Has Mr Cummings developed a love of being at the heart of British politics, or simply is his opinion so valuable to the Prime Minister that he is held to a different standard than that of the public.

From his statement, we are told that he didn’t have any alternative care available – yet we’re also advised that he has a brother-in-law who lives in London. Why would he not ask his brother-in-law to look after his child?

Furthermore, Mr Cummings tells us that he values the advice of the medical and scientific advisers in Number 10, yet he also tells us that he didn’t consult them on his decision to travel to Durham. If he valued their advice as much as he claims, then surely, he would have contacted them before making such an important decision. More importantly, why wouldn’t he consult the Prime Minister?

My frustration, however, rests with his decision to travel back to London. If he were in Durham wouldn’t it have made more sense to stay in Durham, and work remotely? Few people have the luxury of access to a second home, or in many cases even an adequately sized garden, with many of them having children. And many that do have this luxury still followed the government’s guidelines, unlike Mr Cummings. Regardless of this fact, he maintains that he is not required to apologise for his actions.

Moreover, his lack of apology makes clear that he doesn’t care about what he did, nor does he believe that he was in the wrong.

In the end, I must wonder if Mr Cummings contacted the Prime Minister prior to his return to London. If he did not, what does this say about his respect for the Prime Minister?


Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash.