Emily Maitlis has sensationally breached the BBC’s impartiality code of conduct after she accused the Prime Minister of ‘blind loyalty’ over the ongoing row involving his chief aid.

In an opening monologue, Ms. Maitlis objectively stated that Dominic Cummings ‘broke the rules’ for his trip from London to Durham.

Not only were these lines delivered as if they were God’s given truth, but in a condescending, snarling and opinionated manner – an evident breach of Section 4 of the BBC Charter on Impartiality.

Remember, this is a supposed “news presenter” who has editorialised a story, told her audience what to think, and has delivered it in a way to imply that all viewers agree with her message, as if she had some messianic quality.

Here’s what Maitlis said:


Now let’s compare these opening remarks from the presenter against the BBC’s own news editorial guidelines:


Clearly, Ms. Maitlis should have been laying out the facts, not delivering a piece of propaganda down the barrel of the lens. Whatever happened to the audience making up its own mind on news and current affairs?

So, while the chattering classes and liberal media attempt to get on their high horse and preach to ‘us idiots’ who are too dumb to think for ourselves, the BBC has unintentionally overstepped the mark so much that they now fully exposed their lack of neutrality as pure anti-Tory propaganda.

This afternoon, the BBC acknowledged that Maitlis’ opening monologue had breached its impartiality rules, but offered no apology to viewers, or to Dominic Cummings.


The mainstream media’s bias has become so overwhelming over the past week, it is now up to us, the ‘village idiots’ who don’t understand the lockdown rules, to fight against the bias, left-wing propaganda machine.

On Monday I wrote to OFCOM to complain about the lack of balance on Good Morning Britain (hereafter ‘GMB’), as it featured a “three-on-none” debate with three Westminster opposition leaders attacking Mr. Cummings’ trip to Durham and calling for his resignation. There was no sign of a guest to defend the man who many consider to be completely innocent.

Just hours later, I wrote about the lack of transparency in our major broadcasters after both GMB and Sky News interviewed Dr. Dominic Pimenta, a cardiologist registrar… who is also a rampant socialist Remainer, frothing at the mouth to get a dig in on the Government.

And now this: BBC 2’s flagship news and current affairs programme, Newsnight, flagrantly breaching the BBC’s own impartiality rules with a cutting opening monologue.

This is not an accident. And this is not a conspiracy. But the TV media’s decision to interview certain guests; voice certain opinions; and even editorialise the very basics of news journalism is, gladly, going to be the death of the mainstream media as the British public will naturally begin to turn away from the propaganda machines at the BBC, Sky News, and GMB.

The toxic media atmosphere which we currently find ourselves in has truly revealed a nasty underlying malice in many parts of our broadcast media.

These so-called journalists were clearly still reeling from the result of the Brexit referendum; frustrated by their inability to prevent Brexit; and wounded by the result of the election. They sat dormant waiting for their moment to pounce. And knowing that attacking the government’s lockdown strategy was too sensitive, they waited for something innocuous: something like a government adviser protecting his wife and child.

For the MSM, the very idea of bringing down the Mastermind behind the election and the Deliverer of Brexit was just too tempting. Hence the five-day pile-on.

This was never because of Mr. Cummings’ actions, it was because of ‘who’ he is and what he’s done to the country.

The mainstream media has finally revealed itself as an anti-Tory, anti-democratic and Remainer propaganda machine that needs to be turned off. So it’s time we all stop paying for our TV licenses and switch off the TV news for good.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.