I think I have run out of ways to say that there is a link between cannabis and psychopathic violence that merits a government inquiry, so let me try to express myself in pictures:

Here’s Khairi Saadallah, 25, suspected of stabbing three people to death and injuring three others in a park in Reading on the evening of 20th June. A friend claimed he seemed a “normal, genuine guy… He seemed like me or you. Whenever we used to meet up we used to talk about drinking whiskey and how different ganja (cannabis) affects the different thinking of mind. And that’s pretty much all we’d chat about.”

Well, it certainly takes quite some ‘different thinking of mind’ to stab three innocent people to death. Wonder what could have caused it.

Kamari Gordon


Next, we have Kamari Gordon. This photograph was taken some five hours after Gordon, then 16, had killed 18-year-old Aron Warren by stabbing him twice in an unprovoked attack. The watch you see belonged to the victim, though, curiously, Gordon was found not guilty of robbery.


After that, and to dispel any early claims of racialism, we have Carl Madigan (left), 23, and Shaun Bethell, 19, both of Liverpool. In a two-week period of October 2017, Madigan stabbed 21-year-old Sam Cook to death in an unprovoked attack in a bar as the victim celebrated his birthday, and Bethell left a man’s guts hanging out after knifing him in a similar attack in a different bar.

Here’s a photo from the Facebook page of Dean Lowe, who in January 2017 killed his girlfriend Kirby Noden with a rock and metal pole before dismembering her body.



Finally, we have Hardeep Hunjan. In November 2015, Hunjan beat to death Noah Serra-Morrison, the 13-month-old son of Taylor-Morrison, inflicting so many injuries that the baby was said to look like the victim of a car crash. I have not included a photo, shown at the trial, of baby Noah with a joint behind his ear.

Get the picture yet?


Photo by Tee Cee on Flickr.

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