The first print issue of Bournbrook Magazine was released on 15th January 2019. Here is what featured in the issue:

From the cover

A defence of patriotism, by Michael Curzon and Jake Scott


  • Coming Home: Why conservatism appeals to young people, by Jake Scott
  • Why Brexit Means a Global Britain, by Ted Yarbrough
  • Free Speech at University, by Louis Valentine
  • Green Fishing: How Brexit will solve the global overfishing problem, by Mary Holman


  • The Artists’ Audience: Collecting, capitalism, and Banksy, by Ewan Gillings
  • Architecture, Public Spaces and the Need for Good Buildings, by Jake Scott
  • A review of Peter Hitchens’ ‘The Abolition of Britain’, by Michael Haggar
  • A review of Patrick and Henry Cockburn’s ‘Henry’s Demons’

Views on the Left

  • The Gilet Jaunes Represents Two Contemporary Struggles: Inequality and ecology, by Rhiannon Storer


  • Jordan B. Peterson: A psychologist offering responsibilities rather than rights, by Michael Psaras


  • Britain’s Broken Housing Market, by Oliver Stanley


  • The Bill of Rights 1689: Helping to prevent tyranny for 330 years, by Michael Psaras
  • The Devil Has the Best Tunes: Castro’s Cuba and social equality, by Taylor A. Francis