A Voice of Clarity and Reason in a Sea of Triviality: Something Worth Listening to on the BBC

The following is an excerpt of an article by Michael Psaras. This features in our fifth print issue, available now. Find out how to get your own copy of the issue here. ~ ~ ~ Earlier this year on BBC Radio 4, reminding [...]

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Selection by Wealth, Not Ability (Part Two)

Last week, the Telegraph published an article listing the ‘eight best places to live near ‘outstanding’ secondary schools’ (read here). I read through this list and found that most the schools were located in areas where the average house cost [...]

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Dope’s for Dopes: The Catastrophic Reality of Drug Legalisation

The following is an excerpt of an article by Richard Thomas. This features in our fifth print issue, available from the 15th September. Find out how to get your own copy of the issue here. ~ ~ ~ It has always been my [...]

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Selection by Wealth, Not Ability

Supporters of comprehensive schooling claim the system offers equal educational opportunity to all. This is far from the case. An article published on the Telegraph website yesterday (10 September 2019) listed the ‘eight best places to live near ‘outstanding’ secondary schools’ [...]

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Will Boris Ignore Parliament’s Brexit Delay Bill?

This morning, the Telegraph reported that the government believed they had a way around the Brexit Delay Bill passed last week by Parliament. The main plan appears to involve sending a second letter to the EU following one requesting an [...]

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Why There STILL Should Be An Inquiry into the Possible Link Between Cannabis and Violence

The following is the cover article from our second print issue. The petition for an inquiry referred to here has past. Of course, not enough signatures were collected. It is, however, important to reproduce the arguments online, in anticipation of [...]

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War on Drugs in Action?

Britain's criminal justice system wages an aggressive war against the drug marijuana, we are told. Because this war has failed to curb use, we should abandon all efforts and embrace legalisation, the argument continues. Despite this, whilst the stench of [...]

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The Police Delusion, and Why We Should Bring Back the Beat

The following is an excerpt of our fifth issue's cover article by Michael Curzon. The issue will be available from the 15th September. Find out how to get your own copy of the issue here. ~ ~ ~ Despite the popular [...]

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The Devaluing of the University Degree: Grade Inflation

After I projected my concern that unconditional offers were weakening the education system, my focus remained on education and soon after the issue of grade inflation soon found itself in the iron sights. Grade inflation is the practice of [...]

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Equality Above All Else: The Twisted Mentality of the Education Establishment

The educational establishment, having long ago abandoned its traditional ethos, does not much care about the standard of education, so long as it is equal for all. Following the release of A level results two weeks ago (which I commented [...]

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The Hysteria Over Proroguing Parliament is Woefully Unjustified

Well Boris Johnson did it - and a lot earlier than anyone, especially MPs, were expecting. Parliament will now be suspended in early September and will reconvene on the fourteenth of October for a new Queen’s Speech and legislative agenda, [...]

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The Fall of UKIP | Paul Oakley on Why He Resigned His Post

The first Saturday of the 2019 EU election campaign. A street stall in the depths of Essex. Much accosting of shoppers and a frequent exchange in these or like terms. 'Can UKIP rely on your support?' 'I really admire that [...]

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GCSE Results Prove Traditional Teaching Methods DO WORK

Last week, low grade boundaries for certain A level exams resulted in students who had answered almost half their paper incorrectly being awarded with the (supposedly) highly coveted A grade. Yesterday, younger students received their GCSE results. ‘Pass rates [...]

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