A Conservative’s Guide to University | Special Issue2019-10-14T18:44:50+00:00

This Bournbrook special issue will be available from 15th October 2019. For information on how to purchase your own copy (£2 – £1 for subscribers), click here.

The following articles will feature in the issue:

  • A Conservative Reading List – Contributed to by the editorial team of Bournbrook.
  • What is Conservatism?, by Jake Scott.
  • Why the NUS Should Go, by Matt Gillow, founder of 1828 website.
  • The Death of Free Speech, by Darcy Clements.
  • A comment on architecture at universities, by Taylor Francis, co-editor of Bournbrook’s Comment section.
  • A comment on Christian societies at universities, by Ewan Gillings, editor of Bournbrook’s Culture section.
  • A Glimmer of Hope for Social Conservatives? By Michael Curzon, co-editor of Bournbrook.

Excerpts from the Magazine