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The fifth print issue of Bournbrook Magazine will be available from 15th September 2019. For information on how to purchase your own copy (£3), click here.

The following articles will feature in the issue:


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From the Cover

~ The Police Delusion, and Why We Should Bring Back the Beat, by Michael Curzon.


~ Trade, Tribulations and Triumphs: Is Free Trade our Post-Brexit Destiny? By Taylor A. Francis.

~ In Defence of Defence, by Sam Baker.

~ A Voice of Clarity and Reason in a Sea of Triviality: Something Worth Listening to on the BBC, by Michael Psaras.

~ The Next National Service, by Ruby Sampson.

~ Want to Solve Crime? Time for Terror, by Darcy Clements.

~ Dope’s for Dopes: The Catastrophic Reality of Drug Legalisation, by Richard Thomas.


~ The Tanker Wars 2.0: The Unnecessary Escalation Between the US and Iran, by Dan Mountain.


 ~ What A Carry On!… The Supposed Revival of a Bygone Series, by Matthew Bruce.

~ Literature Corner, featuring a poem by Jake Scott.

~ Luke Perry reviews Ben Shapiro’s ‘The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great.’

~ Phoenix from the Ashes: How the Great Fire of London Sparked an Architectural Revolution, by Jake Scott.

Views on the Left

  • Time to Take on Big Tech, by Peter Tutykhin.
  • No Matter Who Governs Britain After A No-Deal Brexit, Everyone Loses, by Billy Thompson.
  • How to Try and Stop Brexit: A Short Guide by a Concerned Student, by Tobias Soar.


  • An interview with Patrick O’Flynn, former UKIP MEP, current member of the SDP, by Michael Curzon.


  • Why ‘Abolishing Eton’ Could Devastate Education in the UK, by Hattie Faulkner.
  • UK Pensions: A Ticking Time Bomb? By Oliver Stanley.


  • Sola Fide, Sola Scripture, Sola Gratia: The Merits of Reformation Thought, by Ewan Gillings.