The fourth print issue of Bournbrook Magazine will be available from 15th July 2019. For information on how to purchase your own copy (£3), click here.

The following articles will feature in the issue:


  • A Statement from Professor Sir Roger Scruton.
  • Want More Poor Kids at Oxford? Bring Back Grammar Schools, by Michael Curzon.
  • The Confused Question of Free Speech, by Jake Scott.
  • HS2 is a Waste of Money. Let’s Scrap it, by Tom Spencer.
  • Time to Pay the Piper: the Establishment, the Media, and the Culture War, by Taylor A. Francis.
  • SATS: The Imperfect But Essential Exams, by Michael Rowe.
  • Why I Back Government Proposals to Limit Children’s Access to Porn, by Jonis Liban.


  • All Quiet in Sudan, by Dan Mountain.


  • What Three Iconic Images Can Teach Us Ab-out Truth and Photojournalism, by Peter Tutykhin.
  • Dionysus, and the Endurance of Beauty, by Jake Scott.
  • Literature Corner
  • A review of Paul Oakley’s ‘No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care: a UKIP Brexit memoir’, by Ewan Gillings.
  • Expressionism Gone Mad: The Calamity of Modern Classical, by Michael Curzon.

Views on the Left

  • Want to Solve the Climate Crisis? Give Up on Meat, by Alex Nettle.
  • The Problem with Postgraduate Education, by Billy Thompson.
  • Five Lessons From The Tory Leadership Contest, by Peter Tutykhin.


  • An interview with Dr. Rakib Ehsan, Research Fellow at the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society, by Dan Mountain.


  • UK Infrastructure: The Problems and Their Solutions, by Oliver Stanley.


  • The First Crusade: Holy War and the Power of Absolute Faith, by Ewan Gillings.
  • The Holodomor and the Lesson We Must Learn, by Luke Perry.