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I find it strange that the Lib Dems should promise millions in mental health services, whilst at the same time wishing to legalise cannabis, therefore unleashing a potential mental health ticking time bomb upon some of the most vulnerable in society.

Completly defies logic. https://t.co/DFhaapu34v

'If there is any consolation to be had, it’s that, whoever wins on December 12th, we’ll likely see the back of one of them.'

An analysis of the content and fallout from yesterday's #LeadersDebate by @PeterTutykhin.


All we have so far in this #LeadersDebate is Johnson skewing everything towards Brexit, and Corbyn doing likewise with the NHS. Both are incapable of reacting to what the audience, or each other, are saying. They are nothing more than dummies for their spin doctor ventriloquists.

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