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  • The Death of Top Gear Britain, by Taylor A. Francis.
  • The Link Between a Lack of Religion and the Mental Health Crisis, by Michael Rowe.
  • ‘We’ve Got the Establishment on the Run’, the Miracle of Grammar Schools, by Michael Curzon.
  • Call for Conscription, by Louis Valentine.
  • Between Kant and Christ: The Limits of Obligation, by Jake Scott.
  • The Kurds: The forgotten people of the Middle East, by Dan Mountain.


  • The Four Horsemen of the Modern Art Apocalypse, by Ewan Gillings.
  • The Murderous Reign of Pop Music, by Samuel Roberts.
  • Jake Scott reviews Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell’s ‘National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy’.
  • Michael J. Haggar reviews Peter Hitchens’ ‘The Abolition of Liberty’.

Views on the Left

  • How Proportional Representation Would Put Trust Back In Politics, by Alex Nettle.
  • Cynicism, Recklessness and Hypocrisy: Why the Government’s decision to strip Shamima Beg-um of her citizenship should alarm us all, by Peter Tutykhin.
  • The Housing Crisis is a Crisis of Capitalism Itself, by Billy Thompson.


  • Dr. Pete Kerr’s Talk on the Future of Conservatism, by Michael Curzon.
  • An interview with Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman of the Bow Group, by Jake Scott.


  • St. George’s Day: A day worth remembering, by Michael Psaras.


  • Modern Monetary Theory and the Green New Deal, by Oliver Stanley.
  • Costs and Benefits of Immigration, by Aurora Popova.