Available 15th January.




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What Next For Labour?’ By Ewan Gillings


The Remoaners That Won: Our Out-of-Touch Political Class‘ by Taylor A. Francis

The Politics of Free Stuff‘ by William Parker

In Defence of the House of Lords‘ by Michael Rowe

Plato and Populism: Why we Need Proportional Representation‘ by Ewan Gillings

Harnessing Divine Power: Lessons from ‘The Temptation of Christ’‘ by Luke Perry


Peace in Afghanistan?‘ By Dan Mountain


Give Them a Centimetre and They Will Take a Kilometre: Why the Imperial System is Still Worth Reviving‘ by Michael Psaras

The Purging and Resurgence of Brutalism‘ by Samuel Roberts

Literature Corner: Poetry and Quotes from Novels

REVIEW: Tim Marshall’s ‘Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics‘ (2015) by Peter Tutykhin

REVIEW: Bill Condon’s ‘The Good Liar by Matthew Bruce

REVIEW: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Birmingham Symphony Hall by Michael Curzon

Views on the Left

Arise Boris, King of the Ashes!‘ By Peter Tutykhin

The Pedestal Held for Women Leaders is Often Their Downfall‘ by Hermione Rose Peace


An Interview with Charles C. W. Cooke, editor of’ by Niles Moon


Regions Matter: Why National Averages Don’t Tell It How It Is‘ by Dominic Selby

Tech Giants and How to Deal With Them‘ by Oliver Stanley


Failure Disguised as Success: Forty-Five Years Since Thatcher Became Tory Leader‘ by Michael Psaras

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