Available 15th November.


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Cover Story

The Age of Woke‘ by Michael Curzon and Ewan Gillings


The BBC License Fee: Time for Reform?‘ By Michael Rowe

Law, Justice and Security: Lessons from Hungary‘ by Richard Seed

Dominic Cummings and the Pragmatic Way Forward‘ by Charlton Sayer

Why Disregard for the Importance of Marriage Can Only Lead to Catastrophe‘ by Luke Perry

A Proposal for NHS Reform‘ by Robert Higgerson

Some Thoughts on the Future of the Conservative Party‘ by Thomas Loughborough-Rudd

The Odd Relationship: A Comparison of British and American Conservatism‘ by Taylor A. Francis

Is the Conservative Party Taking the Safeguarding of Young People Seriously?’ By Lukhani Rogol


China’s Social Control Policy: An Exercise in Wrongthink‘ by Luke Perry


The Decline and Fall of the Pub‘ by Ewan Gillings

The Emperor’s New Shoes: Fast Fashion’s Mockery of Tradition‘ by Taylor A. Francis

Literature Corner: Poetry and Quotes from Novels

REVIEW: ‘Douglas Murray’s ‘The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity‘ by Michael Psaras

REVIEW: ‘Todd Phillips’ ‘The Joker‘ by Michael Curzon


In Conversation With: Michael Knowles, American Conservative Commentator and Author‘ by Niles Moon

Views on the Left

A World Aflame‘ by Peter Tutykhin

Eco, Not Ego: Climate Change and Education‘ by the University of Birmingham Extinction Rebellion Group

The Time Has Come for Radical Systematic Change: The Alternative is Catastrophe‘ by Alex Nettle


The Conservatives: The Party of Sound Economics?‘ By Oliver Stanley


Little Did I Know: A Visit to Auschwitz‘ by Michael Curzon

The Beginning of the End: The Great War and the Decline of Christianity‘ by Michael Psaras