The third print issue of Bournbrook Magazine will be available from 15th May 2019. For information on how to purchase your own copy (£3), click here.

The following articles will feature in the issue:


  • The ‘Correct’ at War with the ‘True’: A defence of Professor Sir Roger Scruton, by Jake Scott.
  • 93 Years of Service: In praise of the Queen, by Anna Humphreys.
  • Green Conservatism: Environmentalism and the case for conservationism, by William Harrison
  • With Good Policy, Our High Streets Will Be Able to Compete with Online Retail, by Max Pearson-Smith.
  • Dare to Dream: The Future of Conservatism, by Taylor A. Francis.
  • The Death of Free Speech, by Darcy Clements.


  • Civil War, Famine, Disease: A crisis in Yemen, by Dan Mountain.
  • Remembering Cyprus: 55 years on, by Michael Psaras.


  • Less Websites, More Waterstones: A defence of physical print, by Ewan Gillings.
  • Latine Pro Ominibus: Why Latin should be taught in schools, by Samuel Roberts.
  • Literature Corner
    • Featuring poetry by Julian Sampson and others, and selected quotes from novels.
  • A Review of Douglas Murray’s ‘The Strange Death of Europe‘ by Michael Curzon and Ewan Gillings.

Views on the Left

  • Welsh Nationalism is Growing – and Will Continue to Grow, by Megan Cole.


  • An interview with Raheem Kassam, Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events and former Chief Advisor to Nigel Farage, by Jake Scott.
  • Prof. Roger Eatwell’s Talk on National Populism, an editorial.


  • The Dismal Science? Why people hate economics, by Oliver Stanley.
  • Emissions: Traded or Taxed? By Aarti Malik.


  • Out of Chaos Came Liberty: Magna Carta, by Michael Psaras.
  • Millions Have Died for British Freedom, Would You? by Louis Valentine.