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No need to worry, though, because in the last five years the police in 27 forces in England and Wales have investigated 87,000 “non-crime hate incidents” (47/day on average). Your teenage son may not be safe to wander the streets, but at least he won’t be missgendered on Twitter. https://t.co/aKs4pS2bar bournbrookmag photo

'Kavanaugh's confirmation contained some of the most insane moments I’ve witnessed in the US commentariat.'

Columnist @MCSion67 reflects back on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and examines why the role of the media set a dangerous precedent.


We are happy to announce our upcoming fortnightly podcast series, ‘Breaking Bread with Bournbrook’, to be hosted by @DanMtain.

The first episode will be released on Sunday afternoon. https://t.co/10jyteoLpv
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Republished from our Fifth Print Issue in light of recent events in the region, World Editor @DanMtain looks at the escalation of tensions between the USA and Iran in recent weeks.


The British writer George Orwell died 70 years ago #onthisday, aged 46. As well as believing in the moral power of language, Orwell understood the dangers of its corruption. Seventy years after his death, Orwell has never been more relevant to the world we inhabit. #orwellday

I love the reactions to my article from some members of the party. You’re literally proving my points when you subtweet about me or like mean comments. Nasty factionalism isn’t gonna get you a government hun x