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'In the longer term, Labour must build a narrative that appeals to the wider public, not a tiny left-wing fringe. It must start talking in a language that people understand.'

Views on the Left Editor @PeterTutykhin on why he voted for Keir Starmer.


For some much-needed respite from coronavirus coverage, we are releasing our Education Special Issue (free for those who subscribe before the end of the month, here: https://t.co/TXhkGuZOQ3)

'Poor old Al Johnson thinks that he is the new Winston Churchill, and no doubt imagines himself sending out squadrons of fighter jets to shoot down the coronavirus.'

The full transcript of our recent interview with Peter Hitchens ( @ClarkeMicah).

'All our major institutions–the press included–have abandoned their critical functions, preferring instead to join in with the national hysteria.'

@MW_Curzon describes the failure of our papers to properly report on #LordSumption's indictment of the govt.

'Whilst the conservative movement might be attractive to the tweed-wearing, bring-back-back-the-empire undergrad, it is a philosophy far richer than just an obsession for nineteenth-century-esque caricatures.'

@Luke_Doherty19's first article for BBrook.