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‘Talking with someone you dislike, if it cannot be civil, should at least be the practice of good diplomacy’

Whatever happened to politeness in conversations or good insults in arguments, asks columnist Hayden Lewis.


'Mocking and ridicule is the popular reaction to the divisive sovereign’s name; in most literature he is simultaneously both the tyrant who oppressed the colonies and the failure who lost them.'

This #4thofJuly, @TAFrancis_99 writes on George III.


After recently tweeting ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’, @Cambridge_Uni responded by saying they defend free speech and promoting Gopal to a professor.

Yet, now it has sacked #DavidStarkey following slavery comments.

Rank hypocrisy, @michaelkpsaras writes.

'The @Conservatives' focus has not been on what is best for British culture but what, allegedly, is best for the economy. Cheap labour and cheap goods trumps all else in Tory circles.'

@MW_Curzon examines the government's points-based immigration system.


'Those demanding such changes are in effect demanding to bask in their own ignorance. These are less so demands for meaningful reform than they are petulant cries from the self-entitled.'

@MrTomMcKenna criticises attempts to 'decolonise the curriculum'.


'A more perfect combination of language, phrasing, and orchestration is difficult to imagine; so, too, is a more palpable evocation of pure bliss.'

Niles Moon writes fondly of the music from the US, noting its beauty and comfort.