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‘The overdose of virtue signalling must override the brain’s self-awareness receptors since some of those partaking in the weekly clapping ritual have been caught red-handed avoiding the exact measures set up to alleviate pressure on the NHS.’

@LukeADPer on Bournbrook, tomorrow. https://t.co/Yw8Qj8jgNJ
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I wouldn't mind watching a "Viewsnight" provided Emily Maitlis alternated her lib-Left slant with another presenter who highlighted pro-nation state, socially conservative outlooks. It might work quite well. But the political slant can't all be one way.

' @maitlis should have been laying out the facts, not delivering a piece of propaganda down the barrel of the lens. Whatever happened to the audience making up its own mind on current affairs?'

@DannyEarnshaw2 comments on the #emilymaitlis monologue.

Further proof that pro/anti-lockdown is not a matter of lives vs economy.

It is a matter of lives vs lives.

'A real conservative would not have tolerated the government placing its citizens under perpetual lockdown for a moment longer than necessary.'

Lord Liberty criticises @BorisJohnson for his unconservative approach to the #coronavirus pandemic.