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An extract from @PeterTutykhin's article from Views on the Left in our Sixth Issue, released TOMORROW, discussing climate change and the west's response to the crisis. More information about our Sixth Issue and its launch is available on our website.


A ridiculous line of argument from Johnny Mercer, who suggests that the personality of the PM isn’t really that important. Hardly surprising - it is hard to defend a ‘conservative’ PM who has had numerous affairs, practices adultery, and won’t even disclose how many kids he has. https://t.co/40bGS5Tc1G

The latest in our Last Orders series, edited by
@michaelkpsaras. This week's topics include HS2, Operation Torch, amnesty for illegal immigrants. We hope you enjoy!


Christmas is about bringing friends and family together to celebrate our Christian heritage, not a celebration of our environmentally destructive consumer culture. https://t.co/WByRwCzAv2

'We as a society have forgotten the need to cherish those things we have, to maintain them rather than take them for granted.'

@TAFrancis_99 looks at the impact of 'fast fashion' on British manufacturing, and hones in on his favourite topic - shoes.


From the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior:

‘They buried him among the kings because he had done good toward God and toward His house.’

Lest we forget.