The following is an excerpt of Jake Scott’s interview with Ben Harris-Quinney, the Chairman of the Bow Group, Britain’s oldest right-wing think tank. The full interview will feature in our second print issue, being released on the 15th March.

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‘I think the modern Conservative Party is no longer just a poor ally of conservatism, but the enemy of conservatism.

‘There are many great conservative thinkers and doers in the Conservative Party, at least 100 MPs and many many more Councillors and activists, but the leadership of the Conservative Party hasn’t been conservative for 20 years, the back-room staff of the Party (C.C.H.Q.) have been actively hostile to conservatism for at least that period of time.’

Jake Scott: Do you think there is an inevitable split in the party itself in the future, near or otherwise?

‘One of the biggest problems in British politics is that the parties don’t do what they say on the tin, most people want to be able to vote Conservative and see conservative results, they don’t want to have to investigate every aspect of the policy programme. This is in part caused by our sclerotic electoral system and in part by the collapse of the Liberal Party.

‘Both the Labour & Conservative Parties are full of liberals who shouldn’t be in either Party but in a distinct Liberal or Social Democrat party. The result has been the watering down of the policy programme of both parties and a loss of faith and trust of the electorate in politics.’


Read the rest of this interview in the print issue, to be released on the 15th March.

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