In our fourth (July) print issue, we were lucky enough to secure an interview with Dr. Rakib Ehsan, from the Henry Jackson Society. We were, however, and indeed have been since the beginning of this magazine’s life, unlucky to have a lousy co-editor: myself.

Three lines from the last question on the first page of the interview (p. 26) were missed out, the next page begining mid-sentence. As such, the whole answer is copied out below (on the bright side, all those who didn’t buy the magazine can now read this answer for free!).

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Dan Mountain (editor of the World section): How was the March 2019 Christchurch attack weaponised? and by whom?

Rakib Ehsan: I felt people used the tragic events in Christchurch – particularly regressive Muslim leftists in the UK – exploited the tragedy to clamp down on concerns surrounding Islam. Which I believe is morally reprehensible.
Some have even suggested that people who express perfectly legitimate concerns surrounding Islamic radicalisation and the social integration of Muslim immigrant groups actually inspired the Christ-church attacks – this is deeply irresponsible. People are well within their right to ask legitimate questions surrounding integration, the flaws of state sponsored multiculturalism and the ideological incompatibilities between orthodox Islamic doctrine with conventional western liberal democratic norms. I think these debates need to be discussed. If we don’t have them, then national populist groups will take advantage of this in order to move towards their ambitions.

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We apologise for this error.