We have recently been seeing the return of David Cameron to our television screens, a familiar face who seems to have been in hiding for three years, ever since he resigned as Prime Minister following his side losing the 2016 European Union referendum.

He has just published what appears to be a fascinating book, his memoirs, entitled ‘For The Record’. A lot of media attention surrounding its release has focused on his views on the referendum and what went wrong for the remain side, which of course is very interesting. But for me, there is more to this book than just that.

Mr. Cameron’s premiership was eventful for other reasons. He had to fight to win two general elections, from the first coalition since the Second World War and keep it together against the odds. Three referenda, including one on Scottish independence, were held, which is a record for any British Prime Minister. To be fair to him, he did win two out of three!

This list could go on and his insights into this historic time will, I’m sure, be extremely telling, especially as we have lived through and followed his period in office. As Mr. Cameron says in the book’s foreword, ‘This book is my chance to say what I wanted to say then and what I want to say now.’

I received my copy recently and thoroughly recommend that you place your order.

Photo by Medill DC on Flickr.