This week’s Last Orders includes discussion on globalism and coronavirus, HRH the Prince of Wales’ tour of the Middle East, Laurence Fox and white privilege, Bournbrook’s new podcast, tensions in the Middle East, factionalism in the Labour party, the US media’s treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, HS2 and railway funding, and ‘cancel culture’.


Social Conservatism in the News

In this new era of globalism, the world is still struggling to adapt. A potentially catastrophic disease, named Coronavirus, is but one of the problems exacerbated by the vast interconnection now present between all corners of the world. Forgetting the social, cultural and economic issues of globalism, how will the world prepare itself to prevent such diseases rampaging across the globe?

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has toured parts of the Middle East recently, including a visit to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Whilst Prince Charles was there, the three Christian churches present held a collective service there; this was the first time this had ever been done. For many Christians in the Middle East, who face many hardships, this service provided a glimmer of strength in an otherwise dark time for them. Article from The Telegraph available HERE.

Laurence Fox, whilst on the BBC’s Question Time, hit back on comments made by an audience member, who accused the media of racism and Fox having ‘white privilege’. Fox said racism should be reserved for racists, and to band this word around is wrong. Only in our age would his comments be controversial to anyone. Article from The Spectator available HERE.


Watering Hole

Bournbrook has created a new podcast, Breaking Bread with Bournbrook, which will be published every other week on a Sunday. In each podcast, topics will range greatly by talking about select articles in the print magazine and from the Watering Hole. We hope you shall enjoy this! More information is available HERE.

Megan Cole, writing for the Views on the Left, rounded up the main problems the Labour Party faces and explained that the party needed to overcome these for any chance of gaining government in the future. Full article available HERE.

In an update to his previous article on the escalation of tensions between the US and Iran, Dan Mountain writes on what dangers the region poses to the world. Full article available HERE.

Columnist William Parker wrote on the treatment of Kavanaugh during his confirmation, and heavily criticises the role of the US media. William draws on ideas such as presumed innocence (or lack thereof), the timing of the allegations and the media’s responsibility. Full article available HERE.


Social Conservative Commentary

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens continues the debate on HS2 with his strong opposition. Hitchens argues that the money should be spent on reversing the removal of railways done under Dr. Beeching. It seems likely that most people outside of London would agree with him. Peter Hitchens’ blog on the Mail on Sunday available HERE.

For The Spectator, Douglas Murray makes the case that people should actually start sticking up for those who have fallen victim to the ‘cancel culture’. Violence is not needed – and may even be prevented – if everyone were no longer afraid to fight back against these virulent, woke witch-hunters. Article from The Spectator available HERE.


Quote of the Week

In case after case it has been the same. The problem is not that the sacrificial victim is selected. The problem is that the people who destroy his reputation are permitted to do so by the complicity, silence and slinking away of everybody else.’ – Douglas Murray, ‘How to fight back against ‘cancel culture”, The Spectator. Article available HERE.