This week’s Last Orders includes commentary on the UK’s eventual departure from the EU, the future of the Union, gas lamps in London, marijuana and violence, student living communities, cancel culture, and the philosophy of the late Professor Sir Roger Scruton.

Social Conservatism in the News

For many, Friday was a long-awaited day of relief when Britain formally left the European Union. But one must not let their guard down. The Tories – who do not actually wish for the same things that the majority of those who voted for secession want – will continue to spin our departure in an excuse to make this country a larger dumping ground for other nations’ goods. In addition, the new ‘Australian-style’ immigration system will not achieve what many want; an overall reduction in immigration. In terms of our precious common law system, and constitutional documents such as the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus, our new government seems to care little for these. Whilst it is good that we have one less obstacle in the way, there is much to be done. See our Tweet on the topic HERE.


Watering Hole

William Gould wrote an article arguing for the United Kingdom to become a confederation, in order to preserve the Union as much as is possible. Not only does William touch on the economics of the problem, but he also highlights the profound good that the Union has done across history. Available HERE.

On the 28th January, it was the anniversary of when London became the first city to use gas street lamps all the way back in 1807. In a wholesome and fascinating video, British Pathé touched on some important philosophical ideas of beauty, showing the need for it in all parts of life, even in practical and every-day objects. See our Tweet on the topic HERE.

Again, Peter Hitchens, in his Sunday column for the Mail on Sunday, pleads for others to start taking the possible link between marijuana and violent crime seriously. Hitchens notes that last August, Muhammad Rodwan, who attacked PC Stuart Otten with a machete, was a marijuana user – adding to the long list of violent criminals who have links to the drug. Available from the Mail on Sunday HERE.

Midlands Today also released a short news video detailing the plight of residents of Selly Oak, a neighbouring area of the University of Birmingham. Traditional life-long residents noted – with due cause – that the rapid growth of student numbers, coupled with the avaricious nature of may local landlords, has led to the desolation of the community, and the replacement of the traditional city suburb with a collection of ugly, out-of-place high rise apartments buildings. See out Tweet on the subject HERE.


Social Conservatism Commentary

Writing for the Daily Mail, Douglas Murray has once again attacked the woke among us and their love of ‘cancel culture’. This time, the ITV news presenter Alastair Stewart was pulled down and pushed out of the media for quoting Shakespeare. Available from the Daily Mail HERE.

Anthony O’Hear, writing for The Critic, describes in great detail the philosophy which the late Sir Roger Scruton had engaged in and written about. In a clear, fascinating way, O’Hear explains the thinking behind Sir Roger’s ideas – by doing do, O’Hear provides a good introduction for any inquisitive mind wanting to read into philosophy. Available from The Critic HERE.


Quote of the Week

So another one bites the dust. Last week it was Alastair Stewart’s turn to get ‘cancelled’. The veteran ITV broadcaster was one of the few journalists on social media who presented a fair and sensible view of the world. So of course he had to go.’ – Douglas Murray, ‘Alistair Stewart’s Forced Exit’, Daily Mail. Available HERE.