This week’s Last Orders includes discussion on Boris’ reshuffle, HS2, the new episode of Bournbrook’s podcast, the magazine’s new feature ‘Boris Watch’, the health of Jordan Peterson and more.


Social conservatism in the news

Sajid Javid had resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer, refusing to carry out the No. 10 demand to sack his advisers and replace them with their choices. Javid must be praised here, in that he did not cave fully into the new Boris project – or, perhaps, the Cummings project.

HS2 has been given the go-ahead by Prime Minister Johnson. Though one can see the benefits of upgrading the railway infrastructure so desperately needed in this nation, could such a vast sum of money be better spent elsewhere? Railways across Britain could be revived and upgraded, bringing many left-behind places back into the fold. The welcome move away from mass car-usage could be helped by good, nation-wide railway infrastructure. Including investment in the other forms of public infrastructure, no longer would the country have to be plagued by masses of cars.


Watering hole

In light of HS2 being given the green light, Tom Spencer’s article on the project has been republished. Tom draws on its huge costs and environmental impact, highlighting important arguments in the case against HS2. Read the full article here.

The second episode of Breaking Bread with Bournbrook, our new podcast series, has been released. In this, Dan Mountain hosts a debate between Michael Curzon and Oliver Stanley on the broad topic of whether the Tory Party can hold on to their traditional supporters. Listen to the discussion here.

As part of the online publication side of the magazine, a new section has been announced called Boris Watch. In this, tabs shall be kept on the government – with a particular focus on matters important to social conservatives. This shall be regularly updated throughout the Johnson government’s tenure. More information here.

A new special issue on crime, Bournbrook Behind Bars, shall be released this month. A range of topics are written about, such as crime, policing and justice. For subscribers, this issue is free.


Social conservative commentary

Writing for the new magazine The Critic, Graham Stewart praises the late Sir Roger Scruton and his involvement in the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission as chair (and later co-chair). Stewart praises the commission’s recent publication on how to go about building in a more beautiful way, in that it provides not just sound aesthetic advice, but also economic advice. Read the full article here.

Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, has recently revealed, on video, the great struggles Jordan has faced in the past year – including many near-death occasions. Even after this has been revealed, many liberal, progressive and left-wing writers have continued to attack the man who – with faults like any of us have – deserves our sympathy and prayers. (Read Douglas Murray’s commentary on this here.)

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens was recently interviewed by The Sun and Sam Sholli on Youtube. In both, Hitchens provides thought-provoking perspective on recent events in this county. Not many political commentators can match some of the intelligent remarks Hitchens makes in these interviews, so they are well worth a watch. (Here and here.)


Quote of the week

‘There was this great moment, where we could have sacrificed the conservative party to save the country. What actually happened, through the referendum, was that we sacrificed the country to save the Conservative Party.’

– Peter Hitchens (in The Sun interview)