This week’s Last Orders includes discussion on the government’s attitude to farmers, the European Arrest Warrant, Todd Phillips’ Joker, Toby Young’s new Free Speech Union, the Social Democratic Party, the death penalty, war in Syria, the Sweden Democrats, and our new ‘Quote of the Weak.

Social Conservatism in the News

A senior government official and colleague to Dominic Cummings, Tim Leunig, has argued that the food sector is not important to Britain’s economy. Of course, when one dares not to assume that GDP and prices are the be-all-and-end-all, this comment is ludicrous. It is naïve to think this country could happily import all of its food and not be at the mercy of those it imports from. 

In addition, what would be the point of lower-priced food if many are not able to have a stable income to not only buy food, but actually have good lives? Look at the devastation of manufacturing in this country, not only has it contributed to a ballooning welfare state but has helped destroy the traditional family unit. Only a minority are able to have decent-sized families living off of one parent’s income. Article from the Daily Mail available HERE.

The government has announced they shall not be seeking to remain a part of the European Arrest Warrant – which allows governments throughout the European Union to force the arrest of criminals in any other country in the bloc. Though, of course, a potential advantage of this agreement is that it is a tool to help catch criminals, there are prices to pay. This agreement brings threats of arbitrary arrest from other countries in the EU, who’s criminal justice systems are inferior and oppressive when compared to Britain’s old justice system – though this is not to say that Britain has this fair, magnificent system any longer. The age-old question of liberty versus security is raised here, though Benjamin Franklin springs to mind… Article form the BBC available HERE.


Watering Hole

Editor Michael Curzon’s article on the film Joker, originally published in our Sixth Print Issue (November 2019) has been published online this week. The article examines the films and its devastating critiques of modern society. Available HERE.

Toby Young, Associate Editor of the Spectator and Quillette, wrote for the magazine on his newly-formed Free Speech Union. Available HERE.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party, William Clouston, also wrote for us this week. Through explaining the ideas of traditionalism and conservatism, Clouston argues that the Tory party is individualist and liberal, and offers no hope for conservatism. Available HERE.

Niles Moon has written an argument against the use of the death penalty, arguing that although killings may be justified in society, to execute someone who can be eliminated as a threat by being locked away is wrong. Available HERE.


Social Conservative Commentary

For the Mail on Sunday, columnist Peter Hitchens wrote again on his deep worry that war is coming, and has written on the dubious claims that – with scientific evidence – poison gas had been used by the government at Douma in Syria in April 2018. In fact, scientists involved with the assessment of the alleged attacked have shown that there was a suppression of vital information being released – information that casts doubt on the notion that the government did in fact use poison gas. 

Hitchens writes of the great attacks on not only himself, but the scientists who were brave  enough to defy their previous employers, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and the governments of the US, British and French – who had, embarrassingly, bombed Syria swiftly after hearing of the alleged poison attacks. It seems as if no one has learnt the lessons of Iraq. Article available HERE.

Douglas Murray, writing for UnHerd, writes about the history of the Sweden Democrats and their recent electoral successes. In particular, Murray describes their move from ‘extremism’ to the ‘centre’, and how they have expelled those from the party who tarnish their sleek, more mass-appealing look. However, will the party be able to retain its voters if it shaves off certain policies, in an effort to be more accepted in Sweden’s mainstream politics? Article available HERE.


Quote of the Week

‘In any event, we have arrived at the unhappy situation iii which a British sixteen-year-old child is more likely to have a screen in their room than a father in their house.’

– William Clouston, ‘The Social Dimension is Conservative – Individualism is Not’, Bournbrook Magazine. Available HERE.


Quote of the Weak

‘[The] food sector isn’t critically important to the UK, and ag[riculture] and fish production certainly isn’t’.

– Tim Leunig, leaked messages, Daily Mail. Available HERE.