Almost two thousand more people than normal have died in their homes during the government’s lockdown from cardiac problems which were not treated in hospitals as patients feared catching the coronavirus.

Through this whole process, fear has been drummed up by our feeble government, our empty opposition, debunked scientists, advisors who don’t believe their own advice, an unquestioning media class, and an overly-accepting public.

Why anybody ever pay any attention to the “daily death toll”, when it was clear the numbers were exaggerated (conflating deaths of people with coronavirus and deaths from coronavirus).

A damning report by Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine has helped to quash any remaining doubt on this point.

‘Public Health England [which has compiled the number of deaths] regularly looks for people on the NHS database who have ever tested positive, and simply checks to see if they are still alive or not. PHE does not appear to consider how long ago the COVID test result was, nor whether the person has been successfully treated in hospital and discharged to the community. Anyone who has tested COVID positive but subsequently died at a later date of any cause will be included on the PHE COVID death figures.’

Even, as the report adds, if that person had simply been run over by a bus.

Yet, it is undeniable that this death count has produced an extraordinary amount of fear – leading people to decide against visiting hospitals for much-needed checkups, and resulting in their premature deaths.

The same goes for the face mask, a great tool of fear and conformity, on which the World Health Organisation has changed its stance from against to for due to ‘political lobbying’, not evidence.

As is becoming clearer, fear is a big killer – but it is not, at the moment, entirely justified (not at such levels, in any case).

Those who have instigated this panic should be more honest about their actions; many lives are hanging in the balance.


Photo by U.S. Department of State – available HERE.

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