Last month, Boris had his foreign-made aircraft painted red, white and blue to “promote Britain after Brexit”. Now, to express his love of the nation, he is replacing the crockery at Chequers with products made in Britain.

Shallow exhibitions such as these are, however, the full extent of Tory patriotism.

The Party – misleadingly titled “Conservative” – does not care where goods are made, or who makes them; only how much these goods cost. It only pretends to care to keep its patriotic voter base happy. This base should demand more than skin-deep gestures.

It only cared about Brexit, too, because it meant more trade with countries further from home. What’s patriotic about that?

The lowest price always wins. But with lower price comes lower value. British business and British workers tend to lose out when the Tories are doing the dealing.

If they really cared about “buying British” (as this latest gesture is supposed to promote), they would prioritise British business when contracting, even if the price were a little better elsewhere.

When given the opportunity to do so on the contract for a major national symbol, the blue passport, it declined the contract submission made by De La Rue, an old, iconic and very British company, deciding instead to hand the cash to a French company operating in Poland. Yet it still dared (and still dares) to call itself patriotic. What a load of crock.


Photo by Chatham House on Flickr.