Through 2019 and into 2020, the US Navy has made several historic statements, to which most people seem oblivious. Firstly, they admitted that UFOs actually exist, but that they prefer the term UAP or ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’, and secondly, they admitted that two leaked videos of UAPs were in fact real and recorded by US Navy fighter pilots. The most concerning thing about this was not that we do not know what these aerial phenomena are; but instead, why the US government, military and secret service are so reluctant to release this information. UAPs present no threat to national security, talking about them surely reveals no important state secrets. So then, why all the secrecy?

Just these small admissions from the Navy were forced out by leaks and congressional authority, not by any motivation to be transparent to the public.

This seemingly trivial issue reveals a larger problem in the structure of the United States and how it’s run; and that problem is just how much information the military and the White House hold back, even from elected representatives of the people. This mentality of secrecy reveals a state that still believes itself to be in a cold war where in fact no war is present, it is a state that deceives its own people for no good reason.

So why is it that the state should keep as little as possible from its people? Well, of course, simply from a moral point of view people do have a right to know what goes on in their own country, and healthy democracies disseminate information to their electorates. But the most important reason why transparency is important is because it allows for accountability; and without that accountability you get a state that involves itself in cold war machinations all over the globe, going over the head of those who it claims run it. There are countless examples of the US doing rather dodgy and secretive things that it could not get away with if it kept its people informed, the war in Iraq being the most obvious case.

If we don’t know what our states are doing and why, what is there to prevent another incident in the Gulf of Tonkin or the overthrow of a foreign elected government? If they can’t even admit to us that sometimes people see things the government can’t explain, what hope really is there that they’ll tell us about the actually important business that they’re going about in the shadows? Of course, there is the possibility that these UAPs are genuinely extra-terrestrial, but to be honest with you I think the United States would know just about the same amount that you or I know about them; the difference being, as the leader of the free world the US cannot be seen to not know, else it scare us poor common folk.


Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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