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No need to worry, though, because in the last five years the police in 27 forces in England and Wales have investigated 87,000 “non-crime hate incidents” (47/day on average). Your teenage son may not be safe to wander the streets, but at least he won’t be missgendered on Twitter. https://t.co/aKs4pS2bar bournbrookmag photo

'Kavanaugh's confirmation contained some of the most insane moments I’ve witnessed in the US commentariat.'

Columnist @MCSion67 reflects back on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and examines why the role of the media set a dangerous precedent.


We are happy to announce our upcoming fortnightly podcast series, ‘Breaking Bread with Bournbrook’, to be hosted by @DanMtain.

The first episode will be released on Sunday afternoon. https://t.co/10jyteoLpv
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Republished from our Fifth Print Issue in light of recent events in the region, World Editor @DanMtain looks at the escalation of tensions between the USA and Iran in recent weeks.


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