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'When I entered these sites, one thing affected me greatly. This was the sheer size of both sites, Birkenau extending further than the eye could see. This was a great shock.'

@MW_Curzon writes on his visit to Auschwitz, and the tragedy of the holocaust.


‘If we don’t know what our states are doing and why, what is there to prevent another incident in the Gulf of Tonkin or the overthrow of a foreign elected government?’

Hayden Lewis on UFOs and the transparency of the state.

'In each television debate, the truth becomes clearer with each passing minute: conservatives had been invited to play chess, and upon arriving found a Monopoly board with all the properties already owned'

@TAFrancis_99 demands reform to tackle #MSM bias


We are thrilled to announce that @bournbrookmag's @MW_Curzon has joined us as Editorial Assistant to @TheConWom - welcome Michael!